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I will keep this blog as a personal page of some kind, not sure yet exactly what, but I'm certain that my political rants are utterly worthless to the internet community at large.

The site meter tells me that traffic wise. the only things I have posted of interest are articles related to Win 7, PCS2, Linux, and Philip Caputos "Rumor Of War."

It would seem that I should just delete everything and leave that stuff up. I may as well put up Google ads with those articles of interest since the thrill is gone and keeping a blog really doesn't interest me very much anymore.

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  • Opinionnation Said:

    a lot of people have lost interest and readership... oh well.  

  • TonyR Said:

    yeah, blogs are a professional business now. hey Anthony, click on my "about" at the top and send me an email so I know where to reach you.  

  • Opinionnation Said:

    sent u an email  

  • JesseJ Said:

    I ended up closing my Blogspot blog. I got lazy with it and prefer to just post to forums and whatnot if I feel like posting anything.  

  • TonyR Said:

    I'll keep this as a personal page for some purpose I have yet to determine. :-)