Saturday, July 15, 2006

Israel bashers aplenty

Jew bashing liberals on Yahoo

I've seen a lot of Jew bashing in the past few days, but none of Israel's detractors have been more vocal than the American left. When the airstrikes began, they began posting some really hateful messages over at Kos and Yahoo.

As I waded through the lefts wishes for Israel's destruction, I wondered out loud how hard pressed I would be to find people more disturbed. One poster, who had the audacity to call herself "cons_r_dysfunctional," sarcastically claimed to live in the "Jew-nited States of America." I challenge someone to find an individual on the right with the personality disorders of this person. She typed out a barely coherent message in all-caps with the wish that all Jews be sent to Mars because they are so violent.

"Kos Diary: Imagine a world without Israel