Thursday, June 14, 2007

Flamed by and Warren25

I try to avoid catty entries that deal with flame wars and online confrontations, but I’ll make an exception for this recent pile of shit I stepped in over at, (previously known as

I found one of the posters, ‘Warren25’ to be extremely inflammatory and insulting. In one of his videos, he presses his ugly face into the screen and condemns all Americans as ‘baby killers.’

In short, Warren is disgusting. His profanity-laden hate speech goes far beyond reasonable opinion or debate, and his behavior is best described as that of a foul mouthed version of Adam Ghaddan, (Al Qaeda).

As a mild form of protest against Warren25, I created an unflattering image of him in Photoshop and used it as my avatar, (seen here). Amazingly, this bold man who dishes out harsh criticisms can hardly take any himself because he cried like a little girl with a broken lolly and made the site owners remove it. Not only did they remove it, but they also issued 2 demerits to my account. This wasn’t the end of their idiocy. A moderator named LL_Eris sent me this cynical message.
I doubt you are that interested but we do have some rules on Liveleak on how to treat other members. Please take a moment to read the FAQ and try and keep within reasonable boundaries.
The ‘I doubt you are interested’ part displayed a certain bias and betrayed the moderator’s sympathetic leanings toward Warren25. It definitely indicated that the moderator approached me with the cynical notion that I lacked any sense of decency, or that I was somehow, unreasonable.

This was my response:

I imagine you are referring to my avatar. So what you’re telling me is that it’s ok for Warren25 to condemn all Americans and the US military as 'baby killers,' but if someone pokes lighthearted fun at him, it becomes 'mistreatment.' Your cynicism is outweighed only by your hypocrisy.

Their reply:
Please read the FAQ section to understand the difference between opinion and direct personal insult. I cannot comment on what I feel about Warren’s views, that is not the point. We get complaints and have to act on them if they break the rules, hence my message to you. Sorry if that upsets you, it is not intended to.
To that, I responded:

If you had simply asked me to remove the avatar I would have complied, in removing it yourself you become both a censor and Warren25's personal water carrier.

No response.

Live leak, (formerly Ogrish), has posted some of the most gruesome scenes of carnage and suffering I have ever seen, and they allow Warren25 to spew his anti American bile on their website on a daily basis, so I find it ironic that they will ban my avatar as something that is offensive or somehow in bad taste. Its just so ludicrous that its absurd.

Warren’s videos and hate speeches make him a public figure, and as a public figure, he is subject to scrutiny and ridicule. If Liveleak really believes it must defend Warren from ridicule, then they must defend all public figures, most notably Dick Cheney and President Bush.

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